Vibrate your Android / iOS smartphone / tablet from Scriptcase app

Scriptcase is able to use internal functions of smartphones / tablets via WebApp development.
For this the browser on the device is used (Chrome, Firefox, …)
Sample – vibrate:
Create a app of type control and add two buttons of type JavaScript.
Add a simple line to each of them:
navigator.vibrate(200); // This will give a short buzz
navigator.vibrate([100, 200, 200, 200, 500]); // This will give a repeating buzz

Make sure that the application is run with https://
All browsers need secure connections for webapps.

Obviously you could add JS methods in any Scriptcase control/form and call them whenever you need, instead of using JS-buttons.

Want to test the sample on your smartphone or tablet:

WebApp Vibrieren

Looks easy – and it is !

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