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Integrate openseadragon into Scriptcase form

OpenSeaDragon Sample in scriptcase form

load openseadragon library to zoom, rotate,… images on a Scriptcase form OpenSeadragon An open-source, web-based viewer for high-resolution zoomable images, implemented in pure JavaScript, for desktop and mobile. Steps to integrate into a Scriptcase project Download the ZIP file. Create

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Vibrate your Android / iOS smartphone / tablet from Scriptcase app

Scriptcase is able to use internal functions of smartphones / tablets via WebApp development. For this the browser on the device is used (Chrome, Firefox, …) Sample – vibrate: Sample: Create a app of type control and add two buttons

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Display current time in a Scriptcase menu application

Timer-Anzeige rechts im Menü

Show the current time refreshing in a menu application (Scriptcase) In Scriptcase projects you can show the current time interactive. Best to use is the menu application, cause it usually wraps the other applications of a project. 1. Define the

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Scriptcase and tinyMCE with userdefined init parameter

tinyMCE in Scriptcase einbinden mit eigenen Parametern

Call tinyMCE in Scriptcase with your init-Settings tinyMCE is a HTML editor plugin which can be used in own code. Scriptcase already uses tinyMCE already to show and edit text/blob database fields with HTML formatting. The developer can set several

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Check if ScriptCase Project on PC or mobile device

Is the Application running on a mobile device? Download and use the class mobiledetect ( as an external library in your Scriptcase Application. Usually you would have to add something like to add the library:

But it seems that

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Scriptcase sc_exec_sql with error handling

sc_exec_sql with error handling The macro  sc_exec_sql()  is used in Scriptcase to execute SQL commands. Unfortunately it does not return errors when executed. As another way the macro  sc_select()  can be used to execute SQL commands. And it is abe to return (and

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Scriptcase Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Chrome Extension to optimize the IDE of Scriptcase This extension for Google Chrome improves the development using Scriptcase. It adds a lot of new features to the IDE: a newer and better code editor using Sublime Text with more options

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Toggle slider as select- or radio-buttons in Scriptcase

Show graphical on/off-switches in select or radio-elements of Scriptcase Forms Usually Scriptcase Form-Applications use the HTML elements to show Select- and Radio-elements: This can be changed by using a CSS and a ‘replace’-code:   1. Load the new CSS definition

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Phone call via Skype / Zoiper in Scriptcase project

Call a phone number from within a Scriptcase-Form It’s a simple solution to call a phone number in a Scriptcase project using Skype oder Zoiper (free client for IP phone) to show a link on a Form- or Grid-application. If the user clicks onto

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Save the data of a Scriptcase form via Ajax Event or PHP

Save the content of a Scriptcase Form within an event Sometimes it is necessary to save the content of a Scriptcase form without using the Update or Insert button. Create a small Javascript method in the Scriptcase Form: Programming >

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