Integrate openseadragon into Scriptcase form

load openseadragon library to zoom, rotate,… images on a Scriptcase form

An open-source, web-based viewer for high-resolution zoomable images, implemented in pure JavaScript, for desktop and mobile.

Steps to integrate into a Scriptcase project

Download the ZIP file.
Create a new external library (sample: openseadragon – project level)
Upload the ZIP file into this external library.
Activate and save the new external library.

create external library

Add a new field of type label (sample: my_openseadragon_label)
And store the div into it:

onLoad – Event
{my_openseadragon_label} = '<div id="openseadragon1" style="width: 800px; height: 600px;"></div>';

Sample – simple:
Activate and load one picture to show in the onApplicationInit event:

For this sample we copied the image to show into the same external library and named it: grand-canyon-landscape-overlooking.png

If you want to use another picture on the same server, change the line

url: "<?php echo sc_url_library('prj', 'openseadragon', 'openseadragon-bin-2.4.2/grand-canyon-landscape-overlooking.png'); ?>"


url: "your_picture_url"

More features

There are plenty of additional features in the library, zoom, scale, rotate, call backs, …
Please refer to the documentation of the library on how to use them.


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