Place Button at any place of Scriptcase Form / Grid

Show a Scriptcase Button within a Form or Grid

It’s easy to create a button on the top or bottom of a Scriptcase form or Grid application (as element of the toolbar).

But sometime you might need buttoms directly near certain elements within the form (or within the line of a grid).

1. Create a link for the action (if you click on the button)

One of the easiest ways is to use the Scriptcase macro:

sc_make_link(Application, Parameters)


$string_link = sc_make_link(grid_images, ref_object_type='contact';ref_object_id={id});

The generates a string with the link to the Grid-application ‘grid_images’ and passes the parameters ‘ref_object_type’ and ‘ref_object_id’

2. Create a label field

Create a field of ‘Label’ type within the form / grid and insert it at the place the button will appear.

Our example uses a Label-field named ‘edit_picture’

Then the new field will be filled via PHP-code (i.e. in the event OnLoad):


3. Set the Content of the field

Add a usual HTML link (via a href) as contact of the field:

{edit_pictures} = '<a href="' . $string_link . '" class="scButton_small" title="Edit the picture" style="vertical-align: middle; display:inline-block;">' . {lang_contact_edit_pictures} . '</a>';

We’re using the string generated in 1. as link.

‘class’ defines that a small button is to be used. You could also use  class="scButton_default" for a standard button. Hint: Some templates do not support small buttons.

‘title’ defines which text is be shown as popup if the cursor is over the button (PC-browser only).

{lang_contact_edit_pictures} defines which text is shown on the button. (Our sample: Bilder Bearbeiten)
Hint: Use plain text instead of {lang_contact_edit_pictures} of your’re not using the multilingual feature of Scriptcase.


If the lable field is placed below a picture, ot could be show like:

Button mir Link direkt bei Bild auf einer Form

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